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Cheryl King Couture Luxury Accessories
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Fuzzy Staff

Since I've been thinking about pets and weddings, I thought that I would introduce you to our "Fuzzy" staff members today.

 Above is our Quality Control Manager, Savannah.  Her interests include singing, sniffing and playing with "woobies."

Bailey is our Invoicing Manager, and enjoys new "onesies,"  barking and a good burger.

Delilah is our newest fuzzy employee, and is still getting her feel for her specialty.  She enjoys licking, bouncing and playing with everyone.

And our model, Rhiannon, was with us for many fabulous years (1986-1998) and we still miss her today.

Although I must admit that they have very sporadic attendance at work, every day they do grace us with their presence in the studio is a very happy day!

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