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Friday, November 12, 2010

Couture Bridal Market October 2010, Days 3 & 4

Well, as we headed into Sunday we were quite exhausted!  A record number of visits and fabulous parties will do that to you.  Actually, we were so fatigued that we decided to stay in and eat a wonderful meal at the hotel restaurant that evening, then head back to the suite.  Party animals!!!

Monday barged in with a roar, as our visits with the media and our buyers was non-stop.  I just LOVE seeing all our old friends and meeting new clients!

That evening, again running late (which is a very good thing indeed, yet why oh why does this working thingy have to put such a damper on our party life?)  we headed out to a party hosted by the amazing Martha Stewart.  What a wonderful touch to be serenaded as we entered!

 The fun began as we entered and saw such a festive and fun atmosphere!  A DJ was rocking the house, and stations were at the perimeter of the large room full of adventure.  Of course, the bar was central we went! (Imagine that).  Tiny, fun treats were delivered by hand, including mini milkshakes in shooter glasses, tiny apple pies, bite sized ice cream cones, and an endless supply of other goodies.

Enjoy some of our photos below!

Entrance to the Martha Stewart party

Ronnie outside the entrance

Cheryl can't pass up a signature cocktail!

Ronnie with the Glitter lady.

Cheryl "getting her glitter on"

Now time for the false eyelashes!

Cheryl's turn at the eyelashes.  Whew-this involves trust!
The Pipe Cleaner Lady is awesome!

Our pipe cleaner rings
Just a few shots in the Smilebooth!

The mugshot from

There were so many other activities, including manicures by Essie, calligraphy, candy bar, ice cream station, whew...I just can't name them all!

We headed back to the suite, to rest before breaking down the showroom all day Tuesday and flying home to our wonderful families.  What a fabulous trip we had!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Couture Bridal Market October 2010, Day 2

Well, after very few hours of sleep, Ronnie and I hit it running.  Literally, as we couldn't quite finish setting up, and our first appointment began at 9 am!

However, we did manage to turn the suite at the Essex House into a showroom.  Here are some pics to prove it!
Part of the showroom with veils and jewelry (and Ronnie!)

Some beaded bridal belts, headpieces, veils and jewelry

Veil lined hallway towards the foyer and our private area

After our appointments ended later that evening, we visited the fabulous abode of gown designer Matthew Christopher, where he and the amazingly talented Lindsie Jones of Haute Bride hosted an intimate soiree.  The only bummer part (yet not, as we were thrilled with all of our guests in the showroom!) was that our appointments ran into the evening and we had to arrive at the party so late!  The food was yummy, the guests wonderful, and one of the best parts was that I was finally able to try Devotion Vodka!

Cheryl and Lindsie

Cheryl and Ronnie on the patio-Devotion Vodka cocktails in hand!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Couture Bridal Market October 2010, Day 1

Well, we're still recuperating from the whirlwind NYC Couture Bridal Market last month!  We had a phenomenal market, and had the most fun ever.

However...things got off to a very rough start!  We arrived at RDU airport early, and were going through security (and getting full body scans!) as I received a text message from Delta, saying that our flight had been delayed for about 1.5 hours.  Ok, not cool, but whatever.  As we got to our gate, the time had changed yet again to after 11 am-around the time we planned to be on the ground at JFK.

Then it got better-they cancelled the flight.  What???  We had a booked schedule every day and night, and it takes us 7-8 hours to set up!  I began a mini-meltdown immediately.  As we waited in line, and on terminal hold with Delta to reschedule simultaneously, I finally got through to a representative.  OK, there was a flight on American landing around 1:30 or so.  Cool.  On hold again-wait, somehow we just got "unconfirmed" from that flight.  Huh?  The best they could do was have us leave at 4:30, fly to Memphis (?), and arrive at JFK at 11:45 pm.  As I was trying to confirm this I reached the "live" attendant in line who said he could have us arrive by around 7 pm, direct flight to LaGuardia.  Oh, and here's a $7 voucher for food.

So....we bided our time with a wonderful manicure and a very small cocktail. (It was medicinal, ok?)

Trust me-these are all Ronnie's.  Would I lie to you?  lol

 Well, after another delay, we finally got into NYC via a very bumpy ride and a very small plane.  We arrived at the Essex House around 8:30-9:00 pm and began changing to go to Grace Ormonde's party at The Plaza Hotel.  Our wonderful doorman hailed a cab, and off we went.  2 blocks later the cab stopped at The Plaza!  Ahhh....tourists.  We had no idea!  $8 please.

The Grace Ormonde party was absolutely exquisite, and the food amazing.  We had a fabulous time, received our signed 10+ lb. copy of "being in love never goes out of style," by Ms. Ormonde.  Then we WALKED back to the hotel, to begin setting up the suite as our showroom at 11 pm!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy (and drool over, if you weren't there!)

Ronnie at the entrance:

Entering the party:
The first room...
and the second.

Nothing less than exquisite from Grace Ormonde!

First stop was one of the bars (imagine that!) then on to the amazing feast, including an incredible sushi presentation and the most amazing carving station.
Lovely ice sculptures at one of the bars.

An amazing feast indeed.

Incredible sushi presentations

Ronnie and I enjoyed a photo op!

And a wonderful end to the evening as Ronnie was whisked off her feet on the dance floor (or was it the reverse?)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asian Adventures: Dinner Meeting

So sorry for the delay-luckily we've been swamped and I haven't had time to blog. 

Back on track with the Asian Adventures:  J and I had a meeting with some possible vendors, and we were excited to meet them.  We were picked up in a taxi and whooshed (is that a word?) away!  I was crammed in the back of our tiny cab with 2 others, and our driver thought he was in a Nascar race.  Amid many horrified moments I endured was when the girl next to me decided that she was car sick and needed to vomit.  Those of you who know me understand that I am totally, emphatically and undeniably freaked out by this natural occurrence.  My immediate response was to insist that I be let out of the car immediately.  Well, the driver laughed, while everyone searched for plastic bags, as we were going about Mach 2 in heavy traffic.  I did not care that I had no idea where I was, that I was in the middle of the road with cars hurtling by us on both sides; I only knew that our bodies were practically enmeshed together and I would end up wearing it.  I freaked her out so badly that she managed to contain it!  I think I really impressed them...

Hours later, we wrapped up sketches for casting settings and cubic zirconia cuttings, and they were going to treat us to dinner.  Oh boy!  I was starving.

We walked to the restaurant, a mere few blocks away.  Imagine my surprise to find our dinner options outside the door!  Yummy frogs, snakes, etc. happily wiggling away.

I decided that maybe I wasn't very hungry, after all.  Plain white rice, please!  Our gracious hosts were determined to order a feast, and I had my very own "A Christmas Story" experience.  They brought out a rooster, cooked, head and all-including that little wiggly red part!  I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing.  (Now, I don't mean any disrespect at all-just coming from America these things were outside of my normal existence.)  Everyone looked at me, and I explained to J why I was laughing.  She told them, and again, just like the movie, someone came over and whacked off the head, right there at the table. "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra, ra, ra..."  kept circling in my warped head!

Then I really, really expressed my professionalism.  I broke down in tears at the table.  Yes, I did.  I was just so outside of my element, and felt so undeniably weak.  I missed my husband and sons terribly, was in a land on the other side of the world where I couldn't speak the language and stomach the food.  I had an all out "Pity Party," right there at the table.  (At least it wasn't wailing, just a stream of tears that I couldn't shut off.)  I just told J to explain to them that I was homesick and excused myself.  

After a few minutes, I pulled myself together and came back to the table.  I guess I just needed a meltdown, because after that, and a few Pearl River Beers, things began looking up!  All in all, I think I did America proud!  (NOT)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Asian Trip, Day 1

Well, after our adventures at the massage parlor and eating in the alley, the first day arrived with a bang.  Or more realistically, a wheeze.  J came to my door that morning with her face gray and wheezing away. She could barely speak, and ran to my bathroom sink to run hot water and try to breathe the steam to help.  Now I find out that she had asthma, but hadn't had an attach in over 10 years.  So....she didn't bring any meds for it.  I was terrified, and explained to her that I didn't know if there was the equivalent of "911" there, and if there was I wouldn't know how to ask for help, as I didn't speak Chinese.  I had visions of her collapsing right there...then what?

So her brilliant conclusion was that we MUST search for snake venom.  Yes, snake venom.  When she lived there she said it cured every ailment that she ever had.  Ok then.  Snake venom.

We pounded the streets looking for a pharmacy.  Well, actually she just about slithered, but we finally found one.  Snake venom in hand, back to the hotel!  Interestingly, we noticed no improvement at all as we sat around all morning.  I finally insisted that she find medical help.  We went to the hotel desk and she inquired, yet she kept being asked to wait while others checked in and out.

With visions of a dead J dancing in my head, she was able to get an address for a hospital.  I was to wait in my room until she called me.  Thank God she advised me to pack granola bars, Rice Krispy Treats, etc!  Hours later she phoned me, and eventually came back to the hotel looking much better.  Asthma, plus a lung infection.  The really interesting part was the treatment:  she came back with about 10 I.V. bags and a bagful of various medicines.  Western medicine, at that!  Apparently it is common there for them to send you home with the I.V. bags, and you take them with you daily for treatments in a huge room full of others also being treated.  And she brought back some treats!

So we did the next logical thing:  went in search of goodies!  Yes, meetings with cubic zirconia cutters and places that make the metal castings that get set with the cz's and Swarovski crystals.  I'm sure that being locked in very small rooms hours on end with everyone smoking did wonders for her illnesses...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Asian Trip, Part Deux

Well, after we finally got settled in our hotel around 2 am, J suggested that we go and get foot massages at a place she knew that was open all night.  Although a bit nervous, I was in!  I must say that it was the best massage EVER!  For one hour, we sat and had our feet and legs massaged.  First they brought out huge wooden tubs of steaming water with assorted herbs and flowers for us to soak our feet.  While they soaked, they massaged our back and neck.  Then all sorts of fabulous things happened to our feet, which refreshed us greatly.  Below is one of the many photos they asked us to take of them.

However, our peaceful respite was suddenly disturbed by first girls, then men, then police running by the room (there were large windows to see out.)  Our girls ran out into the hall to see what was up.  Apparently, one of the local mafia (their words, not mine-who knows?) decided he wanted a, shall we say, more inventive massage and the masseuse refused.  A struggle ensued, and her arm was injured.  Let's just say that the water I was drinking suddenly became a little less potent than I desired at that point!  Heck, I was almost ready to suck the remaining Maker's Mark out of my clothes, but I worried about glass shards...

We safely left, after paying about $7 USD for both of our massages (talk about a deal!)

Then to what became our favorite hangout after working all day:  the alley!  There were these little restaurants, all open to the alleyway.  As you walked up they pulled out random wooden or plastic tables and chairs for you to sit in.  First on the menu:  Pearl River Beer!  Actually I learned to love it while I was there.  AND it only cost about $0.125 each after the bottle refund for a litre.

The next event was quite strange to me.  Porcelain bowls, glasses, wooden chopsticks and a teapot full of steaming herbed water were placed on our table.  J showed me the deal:  you apparently had to disinfect your own eating and drinking apparatus.  We poured the herbed water into the glasses and swirled it around the entire glass several times.  We then poured it from the glasses into the bowls.  Next step:  submerge the drinking side of the glass into said water to get that part well, then swirl around the eating end of the chopsticks.  When that process is done, you simply dump it on the ground.

Several dishes were ordered by J, but I stuck to my sustenance during most of the trip:  a wonderful "hot and sour" potato dish.  They were julienned and stir fried with some scallions and a few red peppers, along with some seasoning I don't have any idea about.  I loved this because my idea of meat is quite different than the local fare of a little bit of mystery meat on a bone, which J would pop in her mouth and literally suck the meat off of before spitting the bone on the ground.  Needless to say, I dropped about 10 pounds during the few weeks that I was there!

We enjoyed all of this as we watched the rats run on the power lines above us and dogs run around (of which I was leery as they apparently don't get many rabies shots there, or so I was told.)

Around 4:30 am we stumbled, er... walked, back to the hotel for some rest.

Here's a pic of our chef and staff (note the rubber wading boots...) and J.  You can see the lady in the pink shirt leaning on our chair, directly behind her is the kitchen, and to the right is another restaurant.  I wonder what their rating is?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Asian Trip, Part 1

 The view from my hotel room in China.

Well, I am asked to tell stories from my Asian trip constantly, so I thought I'd blog some of them.  Now, I travel a lot, but this is a very long trip!  And we were heading out into rural areas, so I was a little nervous.  I went and got all of my shots (feeling rather sympathetic towards my dogs, er, fuzzy babies, at the vets.)  My fantastic doctor asked if I was OK flying, and I admitted that although I was married to a pilot it wasn't my favorite thing.  He prescribed Ambien, stating it worked wonders for his wife.

Well, I left early one day and flew to Minneapolis to meet my guide (we'll call her "J".)  Of course, after getting to the local airport a couple of hours early, then flying a few more, I had several hours to *enjoy* the Minneapolis airport.  I was already exhausted by the time we boarded our flight to Narita International Airport in Japan.

We didn't get to sit together, but were a few rows apart.  Of course, we were in the cattle section, gazing longingly at the upstairs first class area.  J suggested cocktails, but I was afraid that I'd wake up dead after taking the Ambien and passed.  Oh, how I regret I never slept for one minute the entire 12-13 (or 98 bazillion it felt like) hour flight!  I believe that the airline was attempting to freeze dry us as we passed over the North Pole, as I've never been so cold in my entire life.  Meanwhile, J began coughing up a lung, or so it seemed.

By the time we landed in Tokyo, J was grey and could hardly breathe.  Lovely.  Please keep in mind that I do not speak a work of Japanese or Chinese at this point, but she was fluent in several dialects so I felt safe.  Huh.  She decided that we should spend our time in the crowded smoking room, while she did her best to inhale between coughs and gags.  After a lovely layover we boarded again for another 5 hour flight to China.

And did I mention that J developed a fear of flying during this trip????

After landing and getting our luggage, I noticed a strong smell.  Hmmm...smells like Bourbon.  Maker's Mark, perhaps?  Luckily my suitcase was dry, so my emergency stash was just fine.  As we walked among the stares and wrinkled noses to customs, J then had to argue with them, stating that she just had allergies.  They finally let us in the country.

Well, it was the middle of the night (imagine that.)  There were not very many cabs, and J insisted on arguing with all of them about the rate to get us to our hotel.  We finally got to the hotel, and as the cabbie opened the trunk for our luggage, he started screaming in Chinese.  Somehow his trunk was full of a 5th of bourbon!  We had to pay him about $50 USD value to get him to stop screaming at us.  Now, where to find a cleaners in the middle of the night, as all my clothes were soaked and glass shard coated????

For the next blog I'll address the run in with the Chinese Mafia at the massage parlor later that night...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010